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(M. = Monsieur in French.)

Bonjour, mes amis, les citoyens de la planète Earth... et les Memphians aussi.
(Greetings, my friends, the citizens of the planet Earth... and the Memphians as well.)

Welcome to my homepage, Bengalium. I am currently a student in the University of Memphis who has by now learned quite a bit of HTML to have rebuilt this page. Bengalium is named for the University of Memphis's (viva la 'Memphis State'!) mascot, a bengal tiger.

Anyway, I'm trying to rebuild the Universtiy Page inside and out, in a bold attempt to focus on more than one aspect of my life, not just TRANSFORMERS. Anyway, you will find out what else interests me such as the M People, X-Men (and their training group, Generation X), Houston (Texas)'s urban design, beautiful women, and a good-lookin popular TV sports car (the General Lee, K.I.T.T., etc.) Below are small pictures of each, fronted by an Autobot racer who can really kick up some dust, SMOKESCREEN!
Smokescreen Bizarre Fruit II_Cover [Preview] Cannonball of Marvel's X-Men The General Lee K.I.T.T.

Personal Notes: In 1993 or `94, Memphis State University changed its name of over 25 years (It was founded in 1912, MSU name 1st used in 1957.) to University of Memphis in an attempt to attract more students who are academically focused. However, many people liked the old name (including myself) and others became confused (esp. if they had been out of touch with the university -- some thought it was another school!).

To tide you over until I'm done, here is an image of my favorite "weather girl" and black superheroine, STORM!

Links to other sites on the Web

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Iacon's Brasília District. A really cool page worth visiting at least twice. Careful, though. It uses more 'double-talk' than any politician!
The M People's Elegant Couch. (old site) A page dedicated to my favorite English pop group. The couch has recently moved to a new site, the old one's sources have now been vanquished.
Everything LEGO. A website with links to several hundred LEGO-related pages. In short, this link is self-explanatory.
My little corner of the world (Memphis, TN). I hope this link works...
The Memphis Urbanium. A small online museum dedicated to the 'largest small town in America', Memphis, Tennessee (USA). A wonderful site with a couple of large surprises.
(James Lin's) Highway Signs: A web site detailing highway signs in the U.S.A., its 50 states, and beyond...
To read about several fanfic Autobots of mine, click here. The Soccertobots' Locker Room & Garage.
A test copy of a page I'm trying to make for Memphis's Ridgeway High School.
Memphis State ... I mean University of Memphis itself.

Brookshire, Texas -- a nice place to live in should you get the chance.

To find a better view of the whole town, (2500 ft.) click on the map to browse.

There have been tourists and Memphians (citoyens à Memphis) to enter the Memphis State Information Center since August 14, 1997 (jeudi le 14 août 1997).

© 1997, 1998

Because you read all the way to the bottom, here's a Brasílian surprise.